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HAIR – Love Is In The Air With GHD

ghd is a professional styling range with a strong cult following creating ‘must haves’ for the die hard hair styling enthusiasts and sleek seekers. When you think of ghd you immediately think of the straightening styler however their professional hairdryer is now MY must have thanks to the super speedy ionic design.

You may be thinking that it looks like any other hairdryer, which at first glance…it kinda does however it’s smaller and a little lighter than most, unless you use a tiny travel hairdryer! I have picked up my pro Babyliss 2100w dryer so I can do a comparison as I type the best features of the ghd.

  • It delivers the same power as a large 2100W hairdryer but has a smaller body making it easier and more manageable to create a blowdry.
  • The vent at the back has been designed to prevent hair getting caught and building with dust, the ghd logo also compliments the model.
  • The settings switches are on the rear of the handle which may not seem like a huge deal but I constantly knock the buttons on the settings of my current dryer which are located on the inside of the handle which I hold whilst drying.
  • The plug is also a great feature as it has a rubber like texture making it easier to grasp when removing from the socket.
  • It’s Embroidered Heat Resistant storage bag is adorable! so glad I went on the site as I would never have seen this tucked under the inner casing of the box.
  • Lastly the nozzles, a super important part of hairdrying. This model has two, the narrower wider nozzle is designer for those with thick curly hair. The heat is concentrated onto the hair through the narrow opening creating a higher temperature which coarse unruly hair needs. The wider shorter nozzle is for fine to medium hair that doesn’t require as much heat to the hair shaft.


Prior to acquiring the beautiful hairdryer I attended the ghd air boutique which was an Über glamourous caravan emblazoned with ghd and containg the fabulous staff who were there to make the public look perfect!
My stylist was a lovely Scottish girl who turned my locks into wonderous waves, kudos to all the staff who were helpful in educating me about the new hair styler and the product range.

My hair was prepped with the ghd curl holding spray which smelt A.MAZ.ING and finished with the final shine spray which as you guessed smelt…amazing.


The shot of fuchsia pink through the hairdryer signifies the support for Breast Cancer awareness charities, £10 from each hairdryer sold will be donated to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity, every €10 from each hairdryer sold will be donated to Action Breast Cancer a programme of the Irish Cancer Society. So not only will you be purchasing a wonderful product but you’ll also be helping a worthy cause.

Pink Cherry Blossom ghd air is available at
The Pink Cherry Blossom is priced at £99 which is the same as the all grey ghd air however only the Pink Cherry Blossom is supporting the charities so if you do purchase one choose the pink…it’s cuter anyway

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