Fitness: Zaggora Flares

Zaggora is a fitness clothing brand taking the world by storm. They’ve been seen on models, celebrities and featured in all the major publications in the UK.

What is Zaggora clothing?

Zaggora hotpants and flares are a revolutinary activewear designed to aid weight-loss with the Celu-lite technology which uses the heat from your own body to promote the deeper warming of tissue and breakdown of fat cells.

Research shows this clothing increases perspiration and calorie burn during exercise proving that those wearing these in fitness sessions or even around the house whilst doing housework will experience weight loss at a magnitude around 4x greater than they do in standard garments during 30 minutes of exercise! so even if you cant get to the gym there’s no excuse not to burn a few calories each day whilst cleaning etc.

The Gallery

I found my legs feeling really warm after 10 minutes of skipping so can only imagine how they would be after 30 minutes running. I then wore them around the house and agree that they are just as effective whilst vacumming and moving furnitiure around.

There’re very comfortable to wear, they’re not overly tight but fit snugly around the legs which is perfect for exercise. I get distracted by activewear that’s loose as it makes exercise less productive and grey cotton jogging bottoms aren’t the most complimentary when sweating!

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