vitamin D3 patches review

Vitamin Patches – A Supplement You Don’t Have To Swallow!

vitamin D3 patches review

The start of the year always peeks interest in healthcare and wellbeing and puts the focus back on our health. With a lot of attention on diets we should also be looking at what nutrients or lack of they are providing you. When starting something new I would always advise looking at what it is serving you nutritionally.

Any long term diets restricting certain foods can create health problems. There isn’t a diet in particular to mention at this point, this is to give you the push to do a little research to see if there’s more long term issues than¬†short term weightloss benefits for e.g.

With that being said there’s also the sun, or lack of it right now – resulting in a deficiency in vitamin D.

I wear SPF50 all year around as I made one too many mistakes in my early years, so now I pay my skin the respect it deserves. Because of that I am also aware that it lowers my vitamin D intake dramatically. To combat this issue I try to get as much as I can through my meals.

This may be tricky if you suffer dairy allergies, or if you have a strict vegan diet, this combined with the reduced levels of sunlight means you are more susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency. There are foods that can help such as sardines,mackerel, tuna and eggs and for vegans there’s a range of vegan vitamin D3 available for you to take.

Supplements – Capsules and Powder

For those who struggle with taking vitamins there’s now some alternatives. There’s injections that are intravenous and intramuscular but if you don’t like needles either, there’s patches. These patches can be placed in specific areas around the body and are absorbed by the body more effectively than the digestible vitamin apparently.

These Vitamin D3 patches contain – 5000 IU Vitamin D3 (Cod liver extract), 250mg Magnesium.


“The D3, B Complex and B12 provide up to 12 hours of continual supplementation. Each patch is said to deliver 90% of its vitamin content directly into the blood stream. In comparison, oral dosages have to pass the hepatic (liver) pathway, resulting in lesser dosage.”

– Vitamin Injections London

I’ve been wearing these patches on off for a about 6 months. There’s zero irritation and to be honest, I forget it’s there. Other than some menstrual induced headaches I can’t remember the last time I was ill apart from the hideous Norovirus in May.

Is is the patches or is it my diet? I would probably guess it’s mostly my food as it’s densely packed with broccoli, leafy greens and pulses as a starting point but these may provide a little extra in the areas I’m probably lacking.

So take a look at what your meals are consisting of and try up the nutrients and anything you can’t then get a little help with then try supplements.

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