TREND: Multi-Masking

Multi-masking is another trend making waves in the beauty world, there’s no on type fits all when it comes to skincare so customising and focusing on our own skins needs are important.

What is multi-masking?

Wearing multiple masks at one time to target different areas of the face.

As I mention in the video you very very rarely get ONE skin type, I’ve worked on many faces and I’m yet to find someone with uniformly perfect “normal” skin, and I have worked on lots of  fresh faced, blemish-free models.MULTI-MASKING

Overall you may have one type, ie. Oily, but you may have dry patches, which, by the way is common. You could have dry skin but acne on the cheeks, also common, I for instance have a slightly oily centre panel, mostly chin, nose and sides of nose, my forehead however, is a little dry and my cheeks have blemishes occasionally and the texture can look a little coarse.


Really take the time to study your skin, My BIGGEST tip is to not over analyse the oil or “oiliness” of your skin. The amount of times I have girls saying “my skin is sooo oily, I’ve been using this and that” then I’ll be doing their make up and think geez woman your skin is flaking!

Mid-day oil is normal, please don’t treat a little oil during the day as an oily skin type, you’ll end up drying out the skin and causing dry areas, (usually between the brows and nose) then, you will need to work on the dryness which may make you feel more oily. It’s a vicious cycle!

P.S. Oil is good. I would rather maintain my slight oiliness as I age because once your skin is dry it shows lines and wrinkles more. You’ll know if excess oil is an issue as you may be getting blemishes caused by clogged pores, in which case, salicylic acids are your friend to gently exfoliate and cleanse the pore.

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