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Treatments to Try: BeautyLab Black Diamond Facial

The Black Diamond facial has become the latest beauty crazy, named the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ this facial has been favoured amongst celebrities prior to exclusive events and is given to each finalist in X Factor before the live shows. We saw last years winner Sam Bailey go through an incredible transformation, a lot of which she credits to this facial. X Factor makeup-artist Julia Cartar reveals that Sam had been using  the Beauty Lab Black Diamond Serum during the show.



Keen to know more and bring the news to our BeautySauce readers I went to the award winnning duo Hooker & Young’s new salon in Ponteland, to visit the treatment room and indulge in the extravagant facial.

Before the treatment started the incredibly professional therapist Kelly, talked through the procedure. It began with a double cleanse and a gentle exfoliation, this is to make sure skin is clean and pores are clear, the exfoliation softly sloughs away any loose dead skin. The next step was a 5% Glycolic acid (a fruit acid) to brighten the skin tone and refine the surface. To soothe the skin a light mask was applied and left on, leaving you to unwind a little more and listen to the calming Cafe del Mar style music – no whale sounds here!

To finish, both the Beauty Lab Black Diamond eye and face serums are applied, next a small device is swept across the face pumping 90% pure oxygen into the skin. This helps the skin absorb the minerals and gives that fresher, youthful appearance. The lymphatic drainage helps flush the skin of toxins which can build up and cause a number of problems. Afterwards a moisturiser is placed on top, there’s no down time so if you wish you can apply makeup but little is advised and mineral makeup is the preferred choice.

As soon as the treatment had finished my skin looked incredible, not just glowing because of the light diffusing minerals but the surface looked more refined and brighter, skin felt smooth and deeply hydrated. Fast forward to the day after and I have found my foundation glided on perfectly and my complexion definitely has a glow.


Black Diamond


Selenium – An anti-oxidant used to neutralise free radicals which damage healthy cells.

Peptides – amino acids are naturally found in the body and make up the crucial structure of our skin – the collagen and elastin (think of them like scaffolding). Once they begin to come down skin begins to form wrinkles and decreases in volume. The environment, stress and UV can reduce the number of these found in the body so products containing amino acids can help to restore these numbers. Usually brands will have these clearly stated on their products.

The Benefits


Anti- Ageing 


Cell rejuvenation

Skin refining 

This treatment is exclusive to Hooker & Young’s Ponteland salon in the whole of the North East, so you won’t find anywhere else in NE England carrying out this incredible facial. I’d highly recommend their salons for both beauty and hair – note the Ponteland salon is currently the only one with the treatment room.

Hooker & Young are award winning stylists and have 5 salons now in the North East, their professionalism and friendly service was such a welcome. I did manage to have a blow dry but will write about this soon, as I have some brand new hair trend information to bring you guys. Forget Balyage there’s something even better coming…

For my readers there’s a huge 25% discount off the Black Diamond Facial, get booked in before the Christmas parties as it’s filling up, just mention that you’ve came from

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