how to curl and apply hair extension Lot's of requests later and it's finally here, I show you via a tutorial how I apply my hair extensions, which sizes I use first, my tips for keeping them in and hiding them, and how to curl them. The trick to hair extemions is concealing them well and blending them with your natural hair. It's not meant to look like a wig it's meant to look WOW you have thick hair.

hair removal Today's video is following on from my shaving video that you can see here. In this tutorial I show you how to get incredibly smooth legs without shaving. It's a better option for those a little nervous about using a razor.

I promised my second new series so here it is, alongside TESTFACTOR where I will be reviewing products and testing their claims, I also have Beauty Hacks Fail or Hail where I will be trying the bizarre beauty tips and myths to see if they FAIL or actually work and HAIL.

peel-off-nails It's all glitz and glamour wearing glitter or reflects polish until you have to remove it. You may as well set aside 5 weeks and 10 gallons of acetone to obliterate every trace.

haulpic Grab a cuppa because today's video is a bit of a long one, I show you what's in sale at the moment and what new season items you should look out for. The River Island dress only came into store last week!!

how to shave underarms Believe it or not my most frequently asked question is 'how do you get smooth underarms?', this and my fitness/meals. I recently did a how to shave legs tutorial as I was thinking about the teens who like myself were too embarrassed to ask, or even worse had no one to ask. I'd hear them talk about how they'd cut their leg badly and wince at the mention of their techniques, which basically can lead to ingrown hairs and such.

taylor swift bad blood If you haven't seen it already, you really need to check out Taylor Swifts new video. It's a celebrity who's who with Victoria Secrets models in most scenes working some bad ass action mode. A comment that really made me tickle was "Taylor is collecting celebs like Pokemon" , I mean it really is a star packed video that has already broken VEVO records. It's a mini action movie that sees Taylor in different outfits and makeup styles. I wanted to go with a more bold eyeliner to test my skills as my eye shape often makes this difficult and never look quite right. This time with the help of post it notes - oh yeah, I believe I got there.

MAC CHOCOLATE BROWN PIGMENT You guys asked for it so here it is, the chocolate sparkly eyes I've been wearing in my videos lately with the nude contoured lip. If you can't get MAC's chocolate brown pigment try Barry M or OCC for pigments as they do some fabulous shades. If you want to try the foiling technique that I used to achieve that high shine finish then press some pigment onto a flat shader brush and spray lightly with water. It will enhance the pigment, make it more opaque and densely packed.

MAC LIPSTICKS It's clear by the looks of this mini haul that I clearly still have an obsession with red. I picked up 2 from the MAC Toledo collection along with a lipliner and replenished my Face & Body foundation,  this is C2. I wanted to try something a little different so picked up Plumful for a soft berry look that I will probably wear with grey smoked out eyes. If you don't already have quarry give it a try, it's quite subtle but build-able and but perfect for that haze smoky eye.