DIY MARBLE CLOCK The latest instalment in my DIY category is a one for the marble obsessed and home decor enthusiast. It's a simple do it yourself project that can be done inexpensively but look incredibly chic. It takes a little time and patience but the end result is definitely worth it.

eyelash tinting.00_00_22_17.Still003 Following on from the how to tint eyebrows at home, I have the how to tint eyelashes. This simple and inexpensive method means you have many applications for the price of one treatment in a salon.

Nails Inc Spray On Polish Mayfair Lane Review and DIY Nail Hack In my new video I try out the Nails Inc Spray on nail polish in the brand new shade Mayfair Lane.

DIY Copper Pipe Laptop Stand After spending a lot of time making my workspace attractive enough to want to spend the day (and night) at I felt pretty disgruntled to see the horrible plastic laptop stand on my desk that took up a huge amount of space. It was unattractive and rather naff if I'm honest (I had sellotape a piece of the end that had snapped) so I went in search for something more pleasing to the eye. Many hours and pins later I found the perfect stand that was practical and worked with my existing colour scheme, copper!

Revlon Colorstay 2-in-1 Compact Foundation Cosmetic brand Revlon already have their popular colorstay liquid foundation on shelves but they have just released their 2-in-1 compact foundation and concealer. Unfortunately it's not due to land in the UK until the Summer but I've managed to get my hands on one early so wanted to give it a review.

beauty hacks beer rinse In today's video I test out a beauty hack my mam used to do in the late 70s.