Nails Inc Spray On Polish Mayfair Lane Review and DIY Nail Hack In my new video I try out the Nails Inc Spray on nail polish in the brand new shade Mayfair Lane.

Nails Inc Coconut Brights Gel EffectCharlotte Villas- A rich orange red Nails Inc are launching a stunning new selection of gel nail polishes that have been given a tropical twist. Each is intensely pigmented, with only one coat being applied for the images shown. Nails Inc are renowned for professional finish formulas with plumping effects and these high gloss shades are no exception. They have infused their innovative Gel formula with coconut water to keep nails hydrated during the warmer months.

peel-off-nails It's all glitz and glamour wearing glitter or reflects polish until you have to remove it. You may as well set aside 5 weeks and 10 gallons of acetone to obliterate every trace.

topshop green room   There's something about Summer that makes me get colourful in the nail department. Every other time of the year I'll stick to a choice of 3, Summer comes along and suddenly greens and blues become an option. This beautiful shade is a new colour in the collection this season. Green Room is a blue toned green that is more on green side but definitely looks a little turquoise in the light. It's a colour that will suit most skintones and certainly compliments a tan.

output_lbu4VF The Barry M Sunset Day Curing Nail Paint is a brand new product that has launched from Barry M. It's based on the same principle of salon professional gel nails but without the need for UV lamps. I was rather dubious, skeptical if you will of how you can achieve a similar finish simply with daylight.

no7 spring eye and nail collection The No7 Spring eye and nail collection has just landed, it's a fusion of pastel shades and nudes perfect for creating the complete Spring look. The nail shades are very pigmented, have a professional gel like finished and apply with ease. I have used 1 coat in the images shown and as you can see there's even coverage and high shine.

L'OREAL COLOR RICHE FLOWER POWER TOPCOAT With Spring peaking its head around the corner it's only right I dedicate this nail art to the impending new Season. This very quick and easy floral effect looks as though it has taken a considerable amount of time but don't be fooled. This is of course the Ditsy Print which is found on many fabrics and often associated with just flowers however it can  actully be of anything. Ditsy is just a micro pattern of any motif placed randomly covering an entire section. An emerging trend for S/S 15 as seen on the Runway, was the negative space nail art. This is where a natural part of the nail is left, either, around the sides, through the middle or in geometry shapes as seen on Kye. This can be used with a bare nail underneath or the illusion of a nail base as I have done using a nude nail polish. I re-created the runway look at Kye as I was incredibly inspired by the design. As a fan of simple nails I tend to think nail art looks fabulous on other people just not on me, however, as a devotee to monochrome, this seems to work.

pumpkin spice

Maxfactor Gel Shine Vivid Vermillion

You've all heard of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks right? every year around this time people go a little bonkers over this particular beverage and you know what, I'm not a fan. But that's a personal taste thing, I did however find that silverlining in the £3 I had wasted  by coming up with this post. Now you'll see lots of berry, cherry, oh heck just every shade of purple for the nails but what about orange? most of us associate orange nails with Summer, but what colour do leaves turn in Autumn? Orange, What colour are traditional Halloween pumpkins? Orange. You get the picture here...