Autumn's Aromatic Appetiser: Vine Tomato Soup Although this dish can be served at any time of year, chilled or steaming, a good home-made tomato soup can be the perfect comforter come Autumn and Winter.

NEON FITNESS If you find the thought of working out a little mundane there's one sure fired way to become a keen bean, and that's fun clothing. I started going to the gym in black, yes all black, like I was mourning the loss of my fitter body perhaps...

3 security tools to stay safe online Today I'm sharing 3 tools I currently use to stay secure online to protect my site, my computer and my passwords. They've not only helped tremendously with security but also improved my time management, confidence and efficiency online.

DIYPLANTER Today's video is a D.I.Y to create this eye-chatching air plant orb, I've been obsessed with geometry prints and plants at the moment and spotted this orb online however it was made using brass tubes. They can work out pricey so I used paper straws painted gold.

behind blogging I always find these kinds of posts difficult to write, so much fills my head but I feel some force which prevents me from writing or speaking about it. I didn't know how to, for many reasons, mostly being how it would be perceieved as I'm not great for explaining my feelings clearly. Basically everything Zoe has said in her latest post is how I'm feeling, down to a T. I urge you to read it, it's an honest write up of the industry right now.

the plough alnwick The Plough is a boutique inn situated in the picturesque town of Alnwick, walking distance from The Alnwick Garden and Castle,moments from the rural highstreet. From the outside it may look like your typical pub, albeit a more attractive one, but inside tells a different story. New management and a complete reburb and have transformed this from a drab run-of-the-mill pub to a venue of sophistication, a place to relax with friends, dine with the better half or even somewhere to stay the night.

eggs in purgatory   Today's inexpensive clean eating dish comes from watching Nigella Lawson on  Saturday Kitchen recently. As our lives become busier I'm keen to find dishes that aren't ladled with hidden sugars or preservatives and that aren't time consuming or breaking the budget. This could be included in my 2 ingredient dish if you don't count the side salad or chopped garlic!

protein pancakes Today's foodie post is a quick one. You may or may not know that I have a huge interest in nutrition and the connection to health and beautiful skin. However for the moment it's purely a passion and not a career. Now I'm not a chef but I do like to dabble in the kitchen, I like things to visually look pleasing on the plate but there also has to be reasoning for why I've chosen those items. Since not eating meat over 2.5 years ago I've have to monitor what I eat more so than I did before, I need to make sure I get enough protein in my diet and get the correct carbs in. Carbs are vital to a healthy mind as well as functionality of the body, don't cut these out just replace for better ones. Read my post on The Myth About Carbs here.

Alnwick Garden - a garden of fairy tales The Alnwick Garden is beautiful hidden paradise of lush greens, bright blooms and clear waterfalls hidden behind huge walls and iron gates. It is renowned for its perfectly manicured lawns and hedges with no unwanted perennials in sight. There's a maze of gorgeous towering shoots and a brand new Fairy Tale adventure inspired by Grimm's childhood favourites. It begins with a trip to the Fairy Tale attic where you are able to choose a fancy dress of choice. From there you take a walk around the grounds solving the clues and meeting actors dressed as characters to help you along the way. Ben Hunt - Theatre consultant and director of Valley Studios, runs music, dance and theatre classes and helped train the actors to get them into their characters ready for opening.