Easy Passion Fruit Soufflés

Watching an episode of Jamie Oliver's cooking show I realised I had never ate or cooked with passion fruit. Jamie explained that the fruit is best when the outer casing looks a little disheveled and what many would presume as spoilt.

how to make vegan mayonnaise I may not be vegan at the moment, however I'm enjoying creating recipes free from animal produce and working out how to incorporate it as part of my lifestyle (I'm new to this). I found mayo was a problem as a lot of quick "healthy" snacks included it and all were high in fat and preservatives, and although I could go without I find mayo adds a creamy texture and tang to the palette.

Smoked Tofu and Spicy Vegan Coleslaw Wraps

Smoked Tofu and Spicy Vegan Coleslaw Wraps

Today's healthy food post is a quick vegan filled recipe wrapped up in a delicious Newburn Bakehouse ancient grain wrap. Snacks don't have to be unhealthy, greasy and filled with saturated fats. You can whip up something like this easily, benefiting from the nutrients whilst staying fuller for longer.

Autumn's Aromatic Appetiser: Vine Tomato Soup Although this dish can be served at any time of year, chilled or steaming, a good home-made tomato soup can be the perfect comforter come Autumn and Winter.

healthy bitesized bbq sides It's easy to get caught up in a calorie storm at BBQ's, with butter soaked corn, sugary sauces and dozens of white baps (hey now), every mouthful is a calorific catastrophe. Especially, if, weather permitting you get to go to, or host one every weekend. The food combined with the alcohol, if you have it, really adds up. So how do you make a BBQ look interesting, be healthy and very importantly appeal to the non-meat eaters? As a pecetarian I eat some fish but no meat, so BBQ's are usually the worst place for me. I end up with the choice of a bun or some corn. Maybe some iceberg lettuce that they've thrown in for good measure. A cucumber slice if I'm lucky.

eggs in purgatory   Today's inexpensive clean eating dish comes from watching Nigella Lawson on  Saturday Kitchen recently. As our lives become busier I'm keen to find dishes that aren't ladled with hidden sugars or preservatives and that aren't time consuming or breaking the budget. This could be included in my 2 ingredient dish if you don't count the side salad or chopped garlic!

protein pancakes Today's foodie post is a quick one. You may or may not know that I have a huge interest in nutrition and the connection to health and beautiful skin. However for the moment it's purely a passion and not a career. Now I'm not a chef but I do like to dabble in the kitchen, I like things to visually look pleasing on the plate but there also has to be reasoning for why I've chosen those items. Since not eating meat over 2.5 years ago I've have to monitor what I eat more so than I did before, I need to make sure I get enough protein in my diet and get the correct carbs in. Carbs are vital to a healthy mind as well as functionality of the body, don't cut these out just replace for better ones. Read my post on The Myth About Carbs here.

healthy green salad As a kid the words "eat your greens" felt like a punishment, being an 80s child I didn't have a great deal of knowledge regarding the benefits of food, I just ate what I was told was good. Now that information is readily available, people are far more savvy when it comes to meals than previous decades. There's inspiration all around us with social media providing enough foodspiration to last a life time. As I don't eat meat I have to think of meals that not only pack a punch taste wise but also provide the protein and nutrients my body needs. I made this seriously healthy and I must say filling salad, quickly and with few ingredients.

POTAOT I'm sure you've heard people saying they're cutting out carbs or as those in Towie say "No carbs before Marbs" It's become a common misconception that "carbs" per se are bad. In actual fact to maintain a healthy system and get the most out of your workout you need carbohydrates. It's choosing the right ones which is tricky.