perfect winged eyeliner Love the winged eyeliner look but not sure how to do it? Check out the video below that Ive just uploaded showing you exactly how I do it PLUS a little cheat for getting a super straight line!!

mask house Is Korean skincare better than all the rest? It's certainly having a moment in the spotlight right now. I don't know if there's a place that completely excels in all areas of skincare but I do know that Asian skincare is up there with the best when it comes to creating a brighter complexion. I've been wanting to sample some Korean skincare for quite some time, and for some reason I assumed it would involve a trip abroad. Thankfully one of the largest manufacturers Mask House, have brought Korean skincare to us, well Newcastle.

carly musleh Here's a brand new video, expect them each Sunday at 5pm! Today's is a April Favourites video showing all the beauty products I'm loving and why. I also have a giveaway of a LIMITED EDITION Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer as shown in the video. Look out for that post coming soon, a brand new boxed L.E. print could be yours! Let me know if there's any other videos you'd like to see by commenting in the video comments box and also any suggestions for my family channel The Offiongs as we do challenges, baking etc.

RITA ORA DOING IT So I have been away from YouTube a couple of weeks and some of you have been asking about tutorials. Basically my son was poorly and we had a couple of trips to the doctors and hospital, and understandably any parent would put their childs health before work, no matter what job they do, as long as they're able to of course. YouTube and online is my job, yet I feel more guilty about taking time out of that than I would if I was working for a company. Maybe it's because I have a relationship with you guys and I feel I'm letting people down, it's also the fact that I'm basically self employed so if I don't work I don't get paid, and there's no such thing as paid holiday.

  HOW TO SHAVE LEGS Thinking back to when I was a around 15, all my friends started shaving their legs, I had hairs but they were blonde and quite fine however I wanted to fit it. I was still in school and a slow developer but determined to take part in the journey the others were on. Being too shy to ask my mam and, having no YouTube or media to watch, I attempted it myself. Thankfully common sense guided me through the process when it came to applying pressure, but I didn't know about going against the direction of hair. I think I repeated an area in some kind of cross hatch fashion until I could see the hair was gone.

bridal makeupI've been a makeup artist for over 9 years but I've never shown me apply makeup on any one other than myself on my channel. This isn't for the lack of trying mind, it's difficult to find people who are willing to be bare faced on-line or locations to shoot with models. I've been working with Rosie Willet Designs for a coupe of years now, we've worked together on some of her campaigns for her wedding accessory brand

MARGOT ROBBIE OSCARS 2015 MAKEUP Last night or early this morning if you were in the UK, saw the return of the Oscars | 87th Academy Awards and with it brought a bounty of beauties dressed in couture and precious stones. Each year the media waits in anticipation to list their nominees for the best or dare I say it, worst list. We're only working with the positive here, so today I re-created a makeup I personally fell in love with. This look was more daring than usual for the Oscars, it was bright, bold and said enough with out the actress saying a word. It was confident, unfussy and modern, I'm of course talking about Margot Robbie.

rodial makeup I wanted film a first impression video on a selection of the new Rodial makeup I was kindly sent. I prefer these to written reviews solely at the moment as I can test things out for the first time whilst creating and look and give you my opinions live on camera. Whether I'm sent a product of purchase it I will always say if I don't like it, I mean, lets be honest, you're going to be able to tell if a product looks a bit naff,you're all savvy when it comes to products and we expect more from formulas these days.

DRUGSTORE HAUL I went on a little mission to find some mauve rose lip products on the highstreet in different finishes. It's a hugely popular shade in the beauty world right now so I wanted to see if many of the brands were on board. I'm impressed with the formulas of the products and can't wait to use them in videos.