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no7 spring eye and nail collection The No7 Spring eye and nail collection has just landed, it's a fusion of pastel shades and nudes perfect for creating the complete Spring look. The nail shades are very pigmented, have a professional gel like finished and apply with ease. I have used 1 coat in the images shown and as you can see there's even coverage and high shine.

MARGOT ROBBIE OSCARS 2015 MAKEUP Last night or early this morning if you were in the UK, saw the return of the Oscars | 87th Academy Awards and with it brought a bounty of beauties dressed in couture and precious stones. Each year the media waits in anticipation to list their nominees for the best or dare I say it, worst list. We're only working with the positive here, so today I re-created a makeup I personally fell in love with. This look was more daring than usual for the Oscars, it was bright, bold and said enough with out the actress saying a word. It was confident, unfussy and modern, I'm of course talking about Margot Robbie.

STRIPE Stripes and monochrome are timeless, they work whatever the season, age or occasion. They were a big hit on the S/S 15 runway in a variety of styles but one thing remained the same...a slick silhouette. Above: Sport stripe Tux trousers - Zara | Stripe boxy top - River Island | Heels - Zara

cos lingerie I'm sure you're all aware that today is of course St Valentines day.You've probably had your fill of images on Facebook and twitter by now, but despite the commercialised "love"day, great underwear will always be a wise investment however beautiful bras needn't cost a fortune.

L'OREAL COLOR RICHE FLOWER POWER TOPCOAT With Spring peaking its head around the corner it's only right I dedicate this nail art to the impending new Season. This very quick and easy floral effect looks as though it has taken a considerable amount of time but don't be fooled. This is of course the Ditsy Print which is found on many fabrics and often associated with just flowers however it can  actully be of anything. Ditsy is just a micro pattern of any motif placed randomly covering an entire section.

rodial makeup I wanted film a first impression video on a selection of the new Rodial makeup I was kindly sent. I prefer these to written reviews solely at the moment as I can test things out for the first time whilst creating and look and give you my opinions live on camera. Whether I'm sent a product of purchase it I will always say if I don't like it, I mean, lets be honest, you're going to be able to tell if a product looks a bit naff,you're all savvy when it comes to products and we expect more from formulas these days.

  NB4 I writing this from a hotel room in London with terrible wifi, so may need to cut it short as it is determined to kick me out. I've had a few meetings and events to attend, which has required me to stay in London most the week - hence the lack of posts. I do however have a new video review on the brand new Real Techniques BOLD METALS collection which you can watch on my channel YouTube/CarlyMusleh. An emerging trend for S/S 15 as seen on the Runway, was the negative space nail art. This is where a natural part of the nail is left, either, around the sides, through the middle or in geometry shapes as seen on Kye. This can be used with a bare nail underneath or the illusion of a nail base as I have done using a nude nail polish. I re-created the runway look at Kye as I was incredibly inspired by the design. As a fan of simple nails I tend to think nail art looks fabulous on other people just not on me, however, as a devotee to monochrome, this seems to work.

navy I thought the desire to wear one shade head to toe, or even just navy would have waded by now.No, neither. So here it is a combination of the two, a mixture of fitted and extremely oversized with pin hugging over-the-knee boots by Missguided and an over sized sweater dress from River Island. The dress was purchased 4 years ago right after reading Vogue and seeing a Chloe dress that looked so huge it was borderline ridiculous, of course this made me want it more. The exaggerated silhouette screams Michelin man but showing a hint of leg breaks up the shade and adds a little Beyonce to an otherwise sack of a dress.