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NIKE FREE 5.0 I never thought I'd be sat here with a pair of luminous trainers but here we are, I'm slowly but surely coming round to the idea of colourful and jazzy active wear. You should see the fitness clothes haul I have coming, I've totally stepped out of my comfort zone! These are my first ever pair of free's by Nike and now I understand the hype. I literally bounced around town. They're like heavenly clouds of sheer delight and my feet are VERY happy. Now, as I'm transitioning into the fluoro scene I needed to tone the whole situation down with noir x3. I'm wearing some nike jogging pants that resemble leggings apparently (by the looks of these pictures). Complete with a vest and faux leather jacket, for that, I'm travelling to LA vibe, well a girl can dream... P.S this post is not sponsored by Starbucks. And if you're wondering, it was a soy chai tea latte, extra hot, no water. Always.

benito brow bar south shields Nationwide brand Bentio Brow Bar has finally come to South Shields, this is great news for those who where having to travel to Sunderland or Newcastle to maintain their lashes or brows. Situated within Debenhams in Waterloo Square, it's a walk-in concession meaning you don't always need an appointment to be treated so, the beauty is in the convenience. You could simply be shopping and decide to stop for a quick beautifying fix.

perfect winged eyeliner Love the winged eyeliner look but not sure how to do it? Check out the video below that Ive just uploaded showing you exactly how I do it PLUS a little cheat for getting a super straight line!!

RITA ORA DOING IT So I have been away from YouTube a couple of weeks and some of you have been asking about tutorials. Basically my son was poorly and we had a couple of trips to the doctors and hospital, and understandably any parent would put their childs health before work, no matter what job they do, as long as they're able to of course. YouTube and online is my job, yet I feel more guilty about taking time out of that than I would if I was working for a company. Maybe it's because I have a relationship with you guys and I feel I'm letting people down, it's also the fact that I'm basically self employed so if I don't work I don't get paid, and there's no such thing as paid holiday.

double denim carly musleh uk fashion blogger   As a kid double denim didn't seem like an issue, so what if the colours didn't match, if the blues had different hues. Wearing denim was cool in the 80s, I have a picture of my brother on a fairground ride, aged 6 popping his denim jacket collar, and he looks awesome! The twinning combo seemed to fade as brighter shades and different fabrics came in in the 90s, but post 2000s saw the return of double denim, this time with a variety of footwear, mostly heels to show a sexier side to an all denim look. (Let's not talk about the Britney and Justin moment!)

carly musleh What's fresher than an all white outfit? call me stupid, being a parent, and all. I mean kids and white is like oil and water, the two don't mix. However, call me a risk taker as I'm making an exception because pre child, this was my favourite thing to wear. Okay, it wasn't as streamline and had a sporty logo on, but the principle was the same. All white down to shoes an accessories, so here it is, my 2015 version... carly musleh  

TATLER BIRCHBOX REVIEW To celebrate 'The Best of British" Birchbox have collaborated with national magazine Tatler and created a limited Edition box which, showcases some of the incredible beauty brands that come directly from the United Kingdom. Tatler's Beauty Editor, Francesca White has personally selected some of the best to come out of the British Isles. "Working to create a special,Tatler Birchbox for our Best of British supplement was brilliant fun. The brands that you'll find inside - from the natural to the niche to the bathroom staples - are all British ranges that I use and love, and together they present a lovely  edit of my favourite products. I hope that people will adore them as much as I do, and perhaps discover some new things along the way. "

michelle keegan ambre solaire It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring you my interview with Michelle Keegan, the brand new ambassador for Garner Ambre Solaire! We talk about her new role, tanning tips, makeup favourites and how she copes on a bad day.