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eggs in purgatory   Today's inexpensive clean eating dish comes from watching Nigella Lawson on  Saturday Kitchen recently. As our lives become busier I'm keen to find dishes that aren't ladled with hidden sugars or preservatives and that aren't time consuming or breaking the budget. This could be included in my 2 ingredient dish if you don't count the side salad or chopped garlic!

mickey mouse Having a serious lack of wardrobe space means I have to organise my clothing seasonally. I have to pack away what I don't need which, as you can image has its downsides and inconveniences, the upside is that I get to shop my own closet and find things that I had forgotten about. During a recent mooch, I came across my red skinny jeans from Topshop, last time they were out I paired  them with some tan boots and lace floral top. This time I wanted something a little sleeker with the focus on block colours. The crop is perfect for my leg length and with the help of heeled court shoes they look leaner. On the top half I have a simple v neck black tee and a suit jacket slung over the shoulders for a sleeveless cape feel. mickey mouse  

sliders How can I be mad at the weather with an incredible backdrop like that? Nature is beautiful, the sun was so bright and every now and then would break through the thick cloud in defiance, creating a perfect spotlight softened by the moody sky.There's almost a 3D feel about these images, they create a feeling that's as mixed up as my outfit... F.Y.I sliders are back again this summer and so are backpacks, so they say!

protein pancakes Today's foodie post is a quick one. You may or may not know that I have a huge interest in nutrition and the connection to health and beautiful skin. However for the moment it's purely a passion and not a career. Now I'm not a chef but I do like to dabble in the kitchen, I like things to visually look pleasing on the plate but there also has to be reasoning for why I've chosen those items. Since not eating meat over 2.5 years ago I've have to monitor what I eat more so than I did before, I need to make sure I get enough protein in my diet and get the correct carbs in. Carbs are vital to a healthy mind as well as functionality of the body, don't cut these out just replace for better ones. Read my post on The Myth About Carbs here.

  carly musleh Fashion is what is made, style is how you wear it and your interpretation, so who made the rules? For me there is none. Sure there's guidelines which work for that visual trickery, like accentuate the small of your waist with a belt or high-waist trousers, or tips like if you're slim and short an oversized can make you look shorter. You know, those types of guidelines, but then you just have to look at the Olsesns who couldn't give a tiny rats ass about the guidelines and wear what they want no matter if it compliments their frame or not. That though, is confidence. Once you have this you can pretty much do what you like. **Cliché alert** Because, after all, if you feel good, you'll look good. FACT.You know the saying, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear right, right. They say don't wear this with that, keep print to a minimum unless you're clashing, well that's confusing...

Alnwick Garden - a garden of fairy tales The Alnwick Garden is beautiful hidden paradise of lush greens, bright blooms and clear waterfalls hidden behind huge walls and iron gates. It is renowned for its perfectly manicured lawns and hedges with no unwanted perennials in sight. There's a maze of gorgeous towering shoots and a brand new Fairy Tale adventure inspired by Grimm's childhood favourites. It begins with a trip to the Fairy Tale attic where you are able to choose a fancy dress of choice. From there you take a walk around the grounds solving the clues and meeting actors dressed as characters to help you along the way. Ben Hunt - Theatre consultant and director of Valley Studios, runs music, dance and theatre classes and helped train the actors to get them into their characters ready for opening.

uk fashion blogger So it feels like a while since I've got some outfit posts up, in reality it's only been a few days but I love to do these and ideally I'd like it to be a daily thing. Beauty will always be in my soul as I am a qualified beauty therapist and professional makeup artist but I just adore personal style posts. Health and fitness is also another aspect that I have a huge passion for but it's only just started to incorporate it into my site and instagram. I think it's an intertwined and although from my blog name you may think it's just beauty it's Beauty Sauce, basically everything has beauty and my blog is a sauce of ingredients - or rather topics. uk fashion blogger  

MAC CHOCOLATE BROWN PIGMENT You guys asked for it so here it is, the chocolate sparkly eyes I've been wearing in my videos lately with the nude contoured lip. If you can't get MAC's chocolate brown pigment try Barry M or OCC for pigments as they do some fabulous shades. If you want to try the foiling technique that I used to achieve that high shine finish then press some pigment onto a flat shader brush and spray lightly with water. It will enhance the pigment, make it more opaque and densely packed.

MAC LIPSTICKS It's clear by the looks of this mini haul that I clearly still have an obsession with red. I picked up 2 from the MAC Toledo collection along with a lipliner and replenished my Face & Body foundation,  this is C2. I wanted to try something a little different so picked up Plumful for a soft berry look that I will probably wear with grey smoked out eyes. If you don't already have quarry give it a try, it's quite subtle but build-able and but perfect for that haze smoky eye.