MICHAEL KORS WHITE This week I'm incredibly happy to be celebrating BeautySauce turning 4. There's been lots of changes, progressions and awards. We've won an industry recognised award from Johnson&Johnson and Best Beauty Blogger in the NE Blogger awards which I'm immensely proud of.

how to curl and apply hair extension Lot's of requests later and it's finally here, I show you via a tutorial how I apply my hair extensions, which sizes I use first, my tips for keeping them in and hiding them, and how to curl them. The trick to hair extemions is concealing them well and blending them with your natural hair. It's not meant to look like a wig it's meant to look WOW you have thick hair.

cult I'm delighted to be working alongside Cult Beauty for the return of their highly coveted luxury goody bags. This one in particular launched in March and sold out within 2 days!

hair removal Today's video is following on from my shaving video that you can see here. In this tutorial I show you how to get incredibly smooth legs without shaving. It's a better option for those a little nervous about using a razor.

I promised my second new series so here it is, alongside TESTFACTOR where I will be reviewing products and testing their claims, I also have Beauty Hacks Fail or Hail where I will be trying the bizarre beauty tips and myths to see if they FAIL or actually work and HAIL.

blogger awards It's hard to believe that it's almost a year since the NE blogger awards took place.

REVOLUTION MAKEUP GOLDEN SUGAR If you're as obsessed as I am with highlighters you may want to check out this palette by Revolution.

COLLECTION MATT LIP BUTTERS   Collection is a drugstore brand I've been using since it's former 2000 self. It fell off my radar for sometime but its cult lasting perfection concealer and creme puff lipsticks have placed them well and truly back on the map.

peel-off-nails It's all glitz and glamour wearing glitter or reflects polish until you have to remove it. You may as well set aside 5 weeks and 10 gallons of acetone to obliterate every trace.