LA ROCHE-POSAY Today La Roche-Posay have opened the waiting list for the highly anticipated the My UV Patch, a first in suncare smart technology. This new innovation helps consumers measure UV exposure & assist them to better protect themselves from the damages of UV rays. You can now register to the waiting list to be sent a patch of your own. Head over to to grab one. This insanely clever patch works alongside the My UV Patch mobile app to scan the patch and provide information and advice based on your own personal data such as when to re-apply sun cream depending on your location, weather and skin type etc.

nano whitening Being pregnant means a lot of beauty products and treatments are off limits due to ingredients that may be extremely harmful or too stimulating. Regular teeth whitening products are one of them due to the peroxide content that could prove harmful if ingested. A  lot of toothpastes or strips contain this bleaching agent making it dangerous territory.



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eyelash tinting.00_00_22_17.Still003 Following on from the how to tint eyebrows at home, I have the how to tint eyelashes. This simple and inexpensive method means you have many applications for the price of one treatment in a salon.

Nails Inc Spray On Polish Mayfair Lane Review and DIY Nail Hack In my new video I try out the Nails Inc Spray on nail polish in the brand new shade Mayfair Lane.

Nails Inc Coconut Brights Gel EffectCharlotte Villas- A rich orange red Nails Inc are launching a stunning new selection of gel nail polishes that have been given a tropical twist. Each is intensely pigmented, with only one coat being applied for the images shown. Nails Inc are renowned for professional finish formulas with plumping effects and these high gloss shades are no exception. They have infused their innovative Gel formula with coconut water to keep nails hydrated during the warmer months.

Revlon Colorstay 2-in-1 Compact Foundation Cosmetic brand Revlon already have their popular colorstay liquid foundation on shelves but they have just released their 2-in-1 compact foundation and concealer. Unfortunately it's not due to land in the UK until the Summer but I've managed to get my hands on one early so wanted to give it a review.

New Revlon Decoded Mascara Collection 2016 High-street beauty brand Revlon are already smashing the launches this year. As I've been sent 3 exciting new collections of 2016 I can tell you it's opened my eyes to a brand that has been over shadowed in the past. The products are already peaking the interest of beauty writers and consumers, however it's not just gimmicky packaging, these products are great!

8 So at 13 weeks pregnant I've now entered the awkward stage, the is she/isn't she appearance that looks more like I've over indulged than harbouring a growing child.