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ALEXANDER WANG - The Cut Out Details At the beginning of the year I shot with the incredibly talented photographer Chris Davis in collaboration with Mazda UK and Jules B. It's exciting to work with such inspiring creatives, especially when they're from the North East. At the time of this shoot I was 15 weeks pregnant and although I wasn't showing massively I still found it a little tricky putting an outfit together. I wanted to prove that being pregnant doesn't mean that you have to cover up and shy away from cut out details that may expose a little of the stomach. 

JANE NORMAN Now that the festive period is over I feel it's time to embrace and prepare for Spring. Problem being, is that it's not exactly Spring-like weather. The icy air makes me shiver at thought of bare legs but how can we incorporate new season clothes into our wardrobe without compromising warmth. Layering is the obvious choice, you can wear a cute Spring dress with an oversized knit or faux-fur jacket. It's a transitional  period where you can bring pieces from Winter and mix with lighter textures and pastel hues.

Greyscale It's a new year and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer. Last year was crazy as you can see in my 'Thank You 2015' post, this year I'd love to travel more with my family. Andre keeps asking to visit Italy so I'd love to be able to take him and hopefully more of America as I've been to Miami and Boston but LA and New York are on my list.

GLOVERALL CHESTERFIELD I always feel very proud when I wear a beautifully made garment by a British designer. Gloverall was established in the 1950s when Gloves and Overalls wholesalers H&F Morris were offered a large supply of military duffle coats which sold out quickly. From this success Gloverall was born creating tailor-made car coats and reefer jackets making them an established British outerwear brand.

LITTLE MISTRESS TULLE SKIRT Tis the season to go all out, I'm talking sparkle, lace, floor length or tulle. There's no set dress code, it's all about fun and celebrating the festive period.

4 I feel incredibly fortunate to be born and bred in the North East. There's a community culture here and what we lack in degrees makes up for it in kindness and spirit. We have a stunning coast line, free open air festivals that celebrities perform at, air shows, parades, fairgrounds, and the best nightlife.

Winter Berry Wednesday. 12:40pm. Golden. Golden is the only way I can explain the scene yesterday, the sun was low, warm and shone with the most beautiful shade of honey. Its light splayed through the stunning architecture of Newcastle casting a heavenly glow.

Girl About Town I adore the crispness of an Autumn day, especially if it's clear. The combination of blue sky and icy cool air is incredibly refreshing and uplifting, my extremities may disagree but internally it's certainly a mood booster and great for clearing those cob webs away.