valentines nails

The Vampy Valentine Nails

valentines nails

Valentines doesn’t always have to be all pink and sweetness, it can be injected with attitude and given some edge. I wanted hearts without being traditional so broke out the black, removed the shine and added glossy icons synonymous with valentines. It’s effective and what’s more easy!  it took seconds to add the detail, the longest part was waiting for the layers to dry. Anyone else really impatient like me?

valentines nails

Step by step

1-Base coat
2-Black nail polish (Nails Inc Black Taxi)
3-Mattifying topcoat (Bourjois so matt)
4-Add hearts using a nail art brush and black nail polish

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  • Kate

    I love these! They look really striking and effective 🙂

    Love Kate xx

    • How have I just seen this, rubbish commenting system 🙁 thank you by the way xxx


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