The Microdelivery By Philiosopy

The Microdelivery is a fairly unique product as it is a exfoliator that can be used daily. Many exfoliators are too abrasive to use daily and can damage the skin if used too often. This product resurfaces the skin whilst cleansing with its mild formular making it kind enough for effective daily use.

What impressed me the most regarding this product was the ultra fine serum like wash which when massaged into the skin felt smooth and gentle unlike many others that feel grainy and scratchy on the skin.

The Gallery

Priced at £22 it is on the more expensive side but you get a lot of product, 240ml in fact.

features & benefits

-exfoliating facial cleanser that provides immediate smoothing benefits

-gentle enough for daily use and all skin types

-regular exfoliation helps buffer fine lines, even skin tone and give the skin a healthy glow

My mother was complaining of a dry dull complexion during Winter so I advised this and she can’t do without now. She actually said she can feel a difference in her skin if she doesn’t use it for a few days. Exfoliation is key to help shed dead skin cells and reveal the healthy new cells underneath. It’s a natural process but as we age it slows down leaving our skin looking dull. A mild exfoliation like this each day will improve texture and overall appearance of the skin. Sometimes the trouble with the brands that use natural stones like peach kernels is that they’re uneven in size and shape so they can scratch the skin and leaving the surface a little damaged.