Ren Glycolactic Mask Review

Before we get into what makes a product “cult” standard lets talk about the brand Ren. This is a brand I was introduced to working at Space NK. I was fortunate to be introduced the Worlds finest selection of beauty products and found that amongst the mass of moisturisers and masks Ren remains one of my favourite brands but why?

1. It is British so I’m incredibly supportive and proud of the brand
2. The packaging is recyclable
3. The products are free from synthetic ingredients and use only 100% plant and mineral derived actives
4. Their Moroccan Rose Otto Oil is fairly traded
5. The products are gentle and work!

Whilst working at Space I realised that Ren had gained the confidence of many a beauty product enthusiast or complete novice. When you see 5* reviews, glowing Beauty Ed reports and customers returning in a panic to repeat buy the same product you know it has reached “cult” status. The two that jump to mind immediately are the Moroccan Rose Otto oil and the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Both men and women swear by this mask, one calls it his secret weapon. The reason I love it is because basically it’s an exfoliator but isn’t as abrasive as the granular kind which can often scratch the skin making it appear uneven (dull). AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) are popular organic acids which are typically derived from food products and are found in lots of skincare. Glycolic Acid is the most favoured of the acids as it has smaller molecules which can penetrate the outermost layer of the epidermis reducing cell adhesion allowing for dead skin cells to be removed in turn displaying the new skin which gives the fresh glowing appearance.

The mask is applied with the fingertips to a clean face (make sure you don’t carry this too close to the eye area) what I find is that it tingles slightly but has never dried to a peel off mask. After the 10 minutes I use the cloth to remove the residue then rinse with water and apply a hydrating serum and cream before going to sleep.

If you have very sensitive skin this may not be for you otherwise it is suitable for all other skin types. They also do the radiance serum as part of their radiant skincare line which I have a review on. For problematic skin they do a great clarifying range

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