Tanning: Pure Bronze

Finding the right self tanning product can be a nightmare, if like me you prefer a natural golden looking tan without the strong tanning scent you will agree it’s hard to find. Through trial and error I have noticed that the tanning products with a deep and almost red tone will result in a darker, dare I say it more orange looking tan. The brands that have the olive tones seem to develop into a natural golden tan. Many prefer the first shade as it produces a darker tan even though it’s very un-natural looking.

So on my golden quest I came across Pure Bronze, an Australian brand that Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr loves. This product in particular is good for those with fair skin who are looking for a pick-me-up and sun-kissed glow. The qualities I like most about this is that it is packed with moisturiser so your skin feels soft even after showering. It also has a delicate fresh scent and developes with very very little to no awful DHA smell, you can shower after an hour of applying and it fades naturally.

The only issue I had is there is no obvious guide colour, it’s a lotion that when rubbed into the skin sinks in fairly quickly so you can just about see where you’re applying it. It didn’t go streaky or patchy on me so that’s a big bonus however make sure you use a mitt as it will stain hands quite quickly.

As far as applications per bottle go, I have done my full body twice and there’s more than half still in the tube!

Price – £32