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Tropical   If you're ever feeling indecisive when it comes to an outfit create one that can be worn in a number of ways. This tropical print dress from A/X Paris has an elegant cut falling below the knee and the addition 3/4¬†sleeves and crew neck. The vibrant shades of the palm leaves give a youthful touch to an otherwise simple dress. Combining with a black mesh sweater from Misguided, it gives the illusion of wearing separates and the strapped backless boots provide a less formal look. Then simply remove the sweater and change heels if you fancy, and you have an entirely different outfit. It's an easy way to change mood with the addition or subtraction of clothing. It's basically fashion maths! fashion maths  

ax paris Burgundy, sequins, leather, faux fur, it means only one thing...Autumn / Winter is here, and boy does it look good. My recent trip to Manchester to attend the AX Paris event left me full of sugar and filled with excitement for the festivities. How can you not, what with all the beautiful fashion around! Bloggers swept the room snapping the beautifully merchandised displays, floating from one shade of clothing to the next like a butterfly on a flower bed. The item that seemed to be grabbing most of the attention was this delightful faux fur coat which has made an appearance in my dreams since seeing it, and needs to be acquainted with my wardrobe...