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We are all bombarded daily with the latest innovations in skin products, the must have serums and miracle blemish banisher’s. Is it necessary? well, there’s some topical products I use that I do recommend as they not only aid hydration and desquamation but protect against free radicals and harmful rays.

I do firmly believe however that it starts within, yes genes play a huge part but the vitamins and minerals we digest will be more beneficial for our organs (more visibly the skin) in the future.


I have been a pescatarian _ (veggie who eats fish) for over a year now. Before hand I only ate chicken which was few and far between but relations between meat and steroids completely put me off, so I began to look for nutritious meals that would compensate for the lack of protein and iron in my diet.

This means I eat more pulses, grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables which I found I didn’t eat nearly as much of before. I understand it is difficult to create interesting meals with all the necessary ingredients so whether you’re a meat eater or not fresh juices and smoothies are an excellent addition to your diet.
They may seem like the latest fad but they can be the ultimate skin fuel. Choosing produce and supplements that both taste nice and do a good job isn’t always easy but I have a couple of recipes that might work for you.


Smoothies are great for promoting healthy bowels as they contain lots of fibre and provide a source of slow-releasing energy which is perfect for mornings to see you through to the evening without snacking.

Banana and Blueberry Milkshake

Half a Banana
Almond or hazelnut milk
Udo’s choice oil


Juices are easy to digest and dextoxifying, great for those who have problems with digestion and those who need a boost of nutrients. Juices don’t contain as much fiber and can contain lots of natural sugars with some fruits and vegetables for eg carrots. I like to use a blender so the produce is kept within the drink but it does require more liquid as it gets thick therefore more fiber is introduced.

The cleanser

Spinach or kale
Lemon juice
Water or coconut water
Udo’s oil

The superhero’s

Polyphenols are in many of our food and beverages but what are they?
Polyphenols are anti-oxidants found in plant based food and work with the body to prevent some diseases occurring. They fight against free radicals which damage cells ageing skin and playing part in diseases such as cancer. They can be found in these readily available items: – red wine, blackcurrents, blueberries, green tea, dark chocolate.

Why choose Udo’s Choice Oil?

It is a blend of organic, seed oils packed with nourishing Essential Fatty Acids needed for healthy skin. It contains Omega 3 and 6 with the fatty acid 9 to help keep skin radiant, with flaxseed, sunflower seed, sesame seed and coconut oil and plant extracts. It has gained a loyal following amongst makeup artists and models with the newest face of the brand being skin perfector Ruby Hammer. I had the chance to interview Ruby about her makeup secrets here.

The oil must be kept refrigerated and not used whilst cooking as heat damages the oil, instead drizzle it onto the dish or use in smoothies or juices.

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Please let me know if you found this useful, you may know the passion I have for skincare and nutrition. I love spending hours researching and creating articles that will help promote a healthy body and mind without the expense and jargon of some of the products on the market today which aren’t as fantastic as they promote. It starts within!