Exclusive Tips: Summer Sartorial With Stylist Anya Sarre

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- BeautySauce Asks The Experts.

I spoke to celebrity stylist Anya Sarre and instead of an interview she is treating the BeautySauce readers to some top fashion tips for looking gorgeous this Summer, she is also Chief accessories and handbag stylist at the hugely popular with Kim Kardashian!

4 Hot Tips to Add Sizzle to Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer will be full of beach days, blazing afternoons, and balmy nights. Break out your sandals and linen pants in lieu of the summer solstice, but don’t be afraid to add little more oomph to your summer wardrobe. Here are my favorite five ways to add a little sizzle to your summer closet. Show off that natural summer glow without breaking the bank in the process! Let the sunshine in and your inner fashionista out!

1. Channel Your Inner Caribbean Princess

Long maxi dresses are at it again this summer, so make sure you have a few to turn to when looking for that cool, calm, and collected look. From floral neon’s to contoured V-neck stripes, you’ll be sure to find a style that fits you most. Let your hair down and go barefoot to really show off your summery goddess style!

Don’t forget to start your summer look from the ground up- shoes are a must! My favorite combo this summer would be a patterned wedge heel paired with a vintage inspired pendant necklace to add even more to the elongated look created by your maxi dress. Don’t believe the myth, everyone has the tools to get the lean look so go for it!

2. Off to the Vineyard

In the hottest days of July, looking like you’re headed off on a cool nautical getaway is the perfect way to embrace the summer heat. From bateau style necks and three-quarter sleeves to high contrast horizontal stripes, you’re just a captain’s hat away from looking like you’re headed to a sexy, trendy beachside soiree. Canvas-colored linen with a pop of color here and there will pull off your seaside chic look! Add a great pair of big, embellished sunglasses to add a nice touch to finish off your sophisticated classic look.

3. Add Some Pop with Firecracker Red

If you really want to add some sizzle and heat to your summer wardrobe, you can do no wrong by adding a touch of red. Not just any red: we’re talking about bright, hot firecracker red! Don’t be afraid of color this summer, dare to try a color you normally wouldn’t to turn heads in awe.

4. Keep it Simple with Classics

Don’t forget your accessories ladies! Pair your outfits with dainty jewelry, small details will be sure to catch the eyes of many! Throw on an anklet and a toe ring to add a sophisticated bohemian flair! Dab a little bronzer on your cheeks and shoulders to really show off your summer glow.

What little touches do you plan on adding to your summer wardrobe to turn up the heat?

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