Makeup Matters: Nail Polish Storage

NAILS | STORAGE – A Perfect Storage Solution To Your Nail Polishes.

Do you have a problem with overflowing baskets and shelves of nail polishes? I find that because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so sustaining a practical and visually appealing system is difficult.

I’ve tried it all, boxes, baskets, shelves, trolleys…it’s all a nightmare I can never see colours properly and create some what of a domino effect with all the bottles when I try reach one from the back.

I decided to de-clutter the MALM drawers I bought from IKEA and organise the nail polishes in the trays also from IKEA. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name f the inserts but I’m sure someone at IKEA could tell you. See the gallery for pics.


It’s ridiculously obvious but just make sure you screw the lids tight and remove excess polish from the rim when storing upside down. Having them stored like this means I can see every shade and finish with ease. In the other compartments I can organise glitters, nail art pens and brushes. How do you store yours?

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