Video: Shooting Hair Tutorials With Babyliss

HAIR – Beach Waves And A Voluminous Blowdry With Babyliss

A few months ago I travelled to London to meet the glam squad to record some new hair tutorials for Babyliss UK. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified and what made it worse is that I was only 1/2 of the hair models, the other half?…actual model and gorgeous girl Ruth from Yes my luck is shite! not only that but my hair was actually horrendous. I had had it cut and coloured 3 days before and the hairdresser had butchered it so the amazing hairdresser- cut it for me adding layers in the front and trimming the grown out fringe.

Trying to look as calm as possible I managed to film 2 videos, the first being Beachy Waves and the 2nd How to get the perfect blowdry which was my favourite. I have just shown the Mr the video and the first thing he said was “How does your hair look so thick at the bottom” freaky as minutes later I say in the video “it makes the hair look so thick at the bottom”

Beverly C is a celebrity hairdresser and ambassador for Babyliss, she demonstrates how to create the looks on my hair then afterwards I show you how to do a cheesy head swish thing in slow mo – enjoy!

How To Get Beach Waves

How To Get The Perfect Blowdry

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  • omg check you out, you’re a celebrity!!!
    you look stunning xx

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