Palmer’s Cocoa Butter MEN Review

SKINCARE | MEN – An affordable No Hassle Lotion For Men.

Palmers Cocoa Butter is a beauty classic loved by many and now they have now launched a new version dedicated to MEN. Not that the original is particularly feminine in any way but the new range has a sleek grey bottle and the scent is noticeably different, although you still have the usual sweet/nutty Palmers scent you can also detect a fresh masculine fragrance. I purchased this for my other half as he likes mild scents during the day then the stronger cologne on an evening.

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Having previously loved the original Palmers for years he was keen to give this a go and after using it religiously for around 3 weeks he was delighted to not have any dry skin on his face – which I can confirm!
His skin looks more even and glowing and I’ve also noticed he has had fewer in-grown facial hairs.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men contains pure cocoa butter, is fast-absorbing and contains Vitamin E for maximum protection. Skin feels moisturised without that heavy/greasy texture and remains hydrated all day.

Richard tells me this has 100% replaced Palmers Original, I just hope they make  travel sized version for holidays!

I purchased this at Sainsburys but I’m sure you can find this everywhere.