Revlon Parfumerie Espresso Nail Enamel Review


Earlier this year there was a buzz surrounding the grown up scents of Revlon’s perfumed nail polishes. I didn’t managed to bag any at the time however whilst having a quick dash in Poundworld, yes that’s right good ol’ Poundworld I spotted this. I hadn’t smelt or swatched any of the range so had no opinions other than what I had read, some said they were streaky, others say they’re not heavily scented.

I found this particular polish to be very heavily scented, a quick whiff in the bottle doesn’t do it justice, once painted onto the nails and left to dry you get the full blown scent of inside Starbucks on your nails. Not being a big coffee fan I found it a little over powering so tamed the trail of ground coffee beans that surrounded me with a layer of top coat.

The coverage was most impressive with one coat providing an opaque gel like finish and lasted 2-3 days.

If you spot them at your local discount store grab one, they’re well worth £1!