Rebuild Your Teeth With Regenerate Enamel Science

We use creams and elixirs for our skin, take vitamins to protect our bones but what do we do to protect our teeth from premature ageing?

As we all know prevention is often better than cure but what the heck do you do if your teeth are looking worse for wear after spending puberty consuming Jolly Ranchers and adulthood drinking wine?

Reverse the erosion and Regenerate your enamel is the answer!

Now the human body cannot do this on its own, we have the incredible capacity to rebuild bone but once we weaken the teeth that was us pretty much screwed. Until now that is…After 9 years research Unilever have created REGENERATE Enamel Science the world’s first system able to reverse the early, invisible stages of this erosion process and regenerate enamel  with exactly the same mineral tooth enamel is made of.

REGENERATE Enamel Science consists of an Advanced Toothpaste recommended for daily brushing and a Boosting Serum for monthly boosts.

Benefits of the Advanced Toothpaste

  • Protecting and strengthening against cavities, making teeth three times stronger, restoring teeth to their original whiteness, and a fresh mint sensation.

Benefits of the Boosting Serum

  • Provide focused protection for your teeth against enamel erosion and acid attacks.

How To use

Use, twice a day, in place of your regular toothpaste which they claim is effective from first use.

The Boosting Serum should be applied for three minutes on both the upper and lower dental arches once a day, preferably at night. When combined with the Activator gel, the hr-5 Serum unleashes a concentrated regeneration boost helping to reverse the enamel erosion process.

I’m yet to use this as it has just landed on my desk, it claims to be effective with the first use so I’m hoping for nice sparkly, white, opaque teeth soon. Mine are a little translucent on the tips of the front two teeth so I definitely need this. I will be sure to update you with any news and progress.


Selfridges and Boots


Benefits of the Boosting Serum RRP £30

Benefits of the Advanced Toothpaste RRP £10