pop beauty my one liner

POP Beauty My One Liner Review

It’s not often I hum and har about a product, I’m usually quite organised even on a shopping whim. I realise that sounds quite contradictory however I have a mental list of items I need to pick up and Pop Beauty My One Liner was not on, despite this I bought it.

I should know better really, I wanted the Illamsqua precision ink which is an incredible boot black liquid liner with gorgeous vinyl finish but was easily persuaded in my flustered state after looking a different product.

pop beauty my one liner

I did a swatch and in-store it did look promising, the sales assistant told me she wears it and it doesn’t budge. ‘Great’ I thought.

So once I got home I tried my everyday heavy liner look, you know the one, a grade down from Winehouse. Within 3 seconds of applying I knew we wouldn’t get on. It was quite runny compared to my usual liquid liner, and I have used a number in my time! It ran into my water line and stung my eyes a little to which I should mention I wear contacts so this probably didn’t help the situation but still.


Not impressed, I like to do a little rub test to see if it’s got staying power. I did expect some resistance however a tiny sweep with my baby finger turned my cat flick into a smudged mess.


Again, not in the least. Usually brands say they’re waterproof and you need a grinder to assist with removal however this caved under some light rubbing with a minuscule amount of water. I am certainly confused as so far it’s met none of the qualities it claims to have let alone my expectations.


Upon first use it was pigmented however as it dried it faded, after a couple of months it is watery and has only slightly more pigment than moomin. I understand products reduce in quality and dry out in time but this is quite irritating.

pop beauty my one liner


Overall a waste of my £10.50, I could have purchased 3 of the Collection eyeliners which in my opinion blow this out of the water. If your are willing to spend some serious ££ then try the By Terry. They are so intensely pigmented and don’t budge. They’re so persistent they should be labelled semi-permanent!



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