Poison Ivy For Halloween?

I have been meaning to do this video for over a year and I just couldn’t find the right wig, I was looking at Wonderland Wig’s website and saw all these great red wigs that looked more natural than the others I had seen. I also plan a Jessica Rabbit look so will try squeeze that look in before Halloween.

It was a fun look to do but requires a little patience and some foliage, faux ivy leaves would also be fine as long as they’re not too heavy as the eyelash glue might not hold them.

The Gallery

The green body is an original Mary Quant lace body, it’s actually really awful but works well for this I think. I definitely won’t be wearing it again though!

The Tutorial

Use a green base before your eyeshadow to make the green look amazingly pigmented and not diluted as sometimes colours fade with natural colourings in the skin.

Products Used

Eyes – Costal Scents green eyeliner, Jemma Kidd Stylised e/s, Stargazer 17 e/s, O.C.C bitmap, O.C.C Turquoise pigment, Suds and Sass pigment, Avon gel eyeliner, BeautyUK gel liner in the eye palettes, BeautyUK lashes. Leaves from garden.

Lips – Prestige Amore lipliner, O.C.C reverb liptar.

Face – Alabastar foundation Bobbi Brown, MAC well dresses blush.

Disclaimer – Some of the products in this tutorial were given at press events or won in competitions. None of the make-up used was sent for this video.

The kind people at Wonderlandwigs.co.uk sent me this amazing wig, I’m inpressed at how many people think I have actually dyed my hair! buy their wigs See Here!