ojon haircare

Ojon Restore and Revitalise Hair Kit

ojon haircare

Ojon is definitely comparable to Marmite, you either love it or you want to like it but can’t get past the smell. I received the original from QVC and even though I have used it a fair few times it’s still got lots of applications left. The only issue for some is the nutty scent, I’ll admit it is quite strong at first but I am willing to get over that for the good that it does to my hair.

Since going blonde my hair is a little weaker, contains a higher number of split ends and generally feels thinner. Despite all this I am preferring being blonde, yes my brunette locks were shiny and thicker but it was also heavy and became flat up top which drove me a little mad. That being said I still want my lightened hair to look and feel healthy, frazzled ends are not chic so if you bleach invest in deep conditioning treatments.

For Christmas my parents purchased the Ojon restore and revitalise hair kit including their 4 best sellers.


[tab_item title=”Treat”]Damage reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus:
This is the newest treatment product that unlike the original is white in colour and has the faintest nut scent. It’s also balmier so it’s easier to take out of the tub unlike the original which you have to scrape and melt between the hands.

[tab_item title=”Cleanse”]Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo:

At first this shampoo felt strange, it’s quite thin in texture and it took some massaging to get a lather but it did wash all of the treatment out of my hair.

[tab_item title=”Condition”]Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner:

As I had used the conditioning treatment overnight I didn’t want to use too much conditioner. A lot of product really weighs my hair down making it look lank. I popped some on the mid-length to ends and after a couple of minutes rinsed off. My hair felt smooth and even though I’ve been out in the rain it still feels soft and looks shiny. A result for blonder locks!

[tab_item title=”Finish”]Revitalising Flexible Hairspray:

Hands down, my favourite hairspray I have used, it’s lightweight but holds and smells incredible. It’s not sticky at all and lets hair move. I’m hoping I can buy this separately!


ojon haircare

Final Thoughts…

Great products and good move by Ojon for creating a intensive treatment without the scent. Love the hairspray however my only  issue  is surrounding  Palm Oil  at the moment. I’m not sure if you saw the deforestation scenes surrounding the Palm Oil scandal?. It was pretty upsetting, I’m not sure if this was just Proctor and Gamble or if other manufacturers were involved. Hopefully Ojon get their materials differently!


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