O.C.C Fall Pigments & Glitter 2011

As I mentioned in my previous post with the O.C.C Fall Nail Polishes O.C.C have released their new Fall collection which includes the nail polishes, lip tars (which I will post about soon) and the pigments and glitter.

I own a few of their pigments and they’re really amazing, a small amount goes such a long way so a jar will last an incredibly long time. The new shades are beautiful and the glitter is a very close match for M.A.C’s 3d glitter which I will show soon! See swatches of the pigments in the gallery below.

The Gallery


The Colours

1.Jubilee Described as Icy blue with intense green/yellow shimmer
2.Poison Described as Primordial forest green
3.Cruising Described as Brassy gold shimmer
4.Mirrorball glitter

Price-£7.99 for both the pigment and glitter.
Shop-Love-Makeup.co.uk here

My favourite is Poison, its’s a beautiful alternative to black.