NUDESTIX – Review and Video Tutorial


This week’s beauty pick has to be these little fellas from Nudestix, the perfect concept of fast beauty to create a more flawless version of you or as we like to call it, “The no makeup, makeup” think naturally covered skin, a glisten on the cheeks and soft shadows around the eyes. Yep, makeup can still look pure and simple by choosing the right textures and creating light layers.


The mission for Nudestix was to create a collection of products to be used with ease in all areas of the face in a handy crayon form. The idea is to give a fresh-faced nude look. They’re not designed to add a huge amount of pigment these add just enough to cover, but not mask the natural texture of the skin.

I wanted to see if I could use these 4 pencils to create a polished day to evening look which included a slight smoky eye that you could imagine on the runway for Victoria Beckham. So simple to achieve, this can be done without brushes and requires little baggage space for the makeup case!

Products used

NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye colour – Angel*

NUDESTIX Eye Pencil – Pewter*

NUDESTIX Lip & Cheek  – Mystic*

NUDESTIX Concealer – Light 2*

Available on from 23rd September.

You can see check out the new releases from Nudestix in my new post


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