New Zoeva Makeup Brushes Review

REVIEW | MAKEUP | BRAND NEW – Looking for MAC Brush Dupes? Here you go.

Before the folk at Love-makeup introduced me I had never heard of Zoeva brushes*, I asked about on intagram and a few told me how good the range is.

There’s a good selection of brushes to choose from and there’s both natural and synthetic hair. They look very similar to the MAC brushes and are great dupes of popular brands – see gallery

Packaging – The brushes arrived in black plastic wallets with zip locks which not only protects the brushes but makes for a great container for eyeliners or lipsticks so re-use them!

The Gallery

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The 102 Silk Finish Brush £8.75.

A synthetic hair brush that can be used to buff in foundation or apply cream blusher. This brush is incredibly soft unlike some other synthetic hair brushes. As it’s densely packed I feel it would work better with thicker formulations such as a gel or cream foundation. Anything too runny wouldn’t work quite as well. I used it with the Daniel Sandler creme blush and it applied beautifully.

The 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush £9.75.

This natural hair brush is used to create contours on the face and can be used to apply blush and highlight. Personally I would keep it as a contour brush to carve out the most fabulous cheekbones.

Dupe – Bdellium Angle Brush

The 142 Concealer Buffer Brush
This brush is very similar to the Real Techniques buffing brush – see pic. It’s great at applying heavier products to the skin and buffing them in. With certain brushes applying a thicker concealer can mean using more than one tool but with this you can apply and blend nicely. The trick with concealer is to never use too much and go a little lighter under the eye but use another concealer on the rest of the face that matches the base perfectly.

DUPE – Real Techniques

The 227 Soft Definer Brush £5.30
Very similar to MAC 224 the difference is the density. This is a natural hair brush perfect for blending the crease shades together or even applying highlight. A definite kit essential.

Dupe – MAC 224

The 231 Petite Crease Brush £5.30
It is a tightly packed more tapered version of the 217, I always use the firmer brushes to place and the softer to blend. This would be my brush for the crease and lower lashline. Work little amounts at a time as it can look patchy if too much is applied and not blended well. Think of this as a pencil brush.

DUPE – mac 217

The 317 Wing Liner Brush £4.75

A multi-use brush this can be used for applying eyeliner, defining the brows, adding stronger lines to the eye or getting precise lines on the lip. I can’t be without and angle brush whether it be for personal or professional use. Another kit essential for me.


These are such a great price for the quality and finish. The face brushes that would cost up to £30 for other brands are priced reasonably under £10. At the moment there are no faults or negatives I could note, I’m so pleased with the shape and quality that some have been placed in my pro kit and that’s no easy selection.

I have some eyeliners by Zoeva to review, so far I have worn the liquid liner a few times and can confirm that even after a day gardening in this glorious weather it hasn’t cracked or smudged but I won’t give too much away. I’ll save it for the review so watch out for that!

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