New: Benefit Fake Up

So this week something exciting happened…Benefit came to Newcastle for their very first product launch in the region! 22 lovely bloggers sat together sipped beverages, nibbled fancy tarts and discussed one our favourite topics MAKE-UP. We started the launch with a demonstration of Benefits BRAND NEW product Fake Up during which Claire and other members of the Benefit team began to explain the benefits of the product, the ingredients inside and what sets it apart from everyone else.

What’s FakeUp?

Basically this is skincare infused make-up, you have a concealing core which smoothes, hides dark circles and contains light diffusing particles to make under the eyes look brighter. The special part is the hydrating ring it is made up of Vitamin E and apple seed extracts which moisturises the skin so you don’t get that cakey, dry look that attracts attention to any lines.

Immediate questions here will be:

Does it feel greasy or heavy? -No
Does it look shiny? – It doesn’t look shiny but skin has that healthy glow
Will it crease or slide? – Mine didn’t, I have been wearing it a solid 3 days and even under my studio lights when filming it didn’t seem to ‘melt’ or crease. You could set it very slightly but remember powder near the eye area will make skin look older.

The packaging is simple, sleek and fits well inside the make-up bag. I love how it’s stored in a tube and can be applied onto the skin without fuss. Claire told us she applies in the shape of a v under the eye and blends with the finger. This is perfect if you want your make-up done on the go or prefer a brush free routine. For an airbrushed look buff into the skin with a soft blending brush.

Colour Range

There’s currently 3 shades; Light (which is me) Medium, and deep.
These have been created with warmer tones which I’m so happy about. 1 the peachy tones work well on purpley blue circles under the eyes but also because pink tones can look ashy on deeper skin colours so this way it will suit everyone. Even the pale, cooler tone girls wore this well.

Tip – Use the darker shade as a contour!

FakeUp cost £18.50 each and are set to be released the 30th of March and check online at

Benefit are currently doing a launch tour so if you’re a blogger look out for their tweets

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