Lip Rock Foil Review

Nail Rock is now a company that doesn’t just specialise nail products it has extended the range so alongside the decorative nail wraps you can also purchase metallic lip foils and artistic eye tattoos. I have tried the nail wraps and recently purchased the lip foils but what did I think?…

Personally neither applied well for me at all, following the instructions provided I expected some joy but both ended in major fail. The nail wraps creased and didn’t adhere to the nail plate leaving unsightly lifting and folds. I expected more promising things from the metallic lip rock however I was foiled by the foil. I made sure there was no oil on the surface of the lips, waited until the generous amount of glue had gone clear and pressed the foil with the shiny side up but once I pulled the blighter off it just resembled some shiny crimson mess. Such a shame as I was hoping to use these on some projects but I wouldn’t want to subject my models to this.

See how it looked in my step by step.

I don’t know any other people who have used the lip foils so I can’t compare my findings however with the nail wraps I had both good and bad reviews so I guess it’s a little hit and miss, you’re either going to love them or hate them. Marmite Rock anyone?

I purchase LipRock at Newlook for £5.99, they’re also available at ASOS, Topshop and online.