Magic Lips Review

This is a product I purchased on a whim quite some time ago and although I’ve used and love it I haven’t given it the attention it deserves on here. Magic Lips is a brand I’m not familiar with and only noticed through a quest to find a Leighton Denny nail polish in Fenwicks Newcastle.

A little about me: I like novelty things.

I liked that this changed colour and wanted to find out if that hideous green lipstick would have me looking cool or corpse but found that all the funky colours actually turned to beautiful shades of pink according to your PH levels.

I chose the peach as it changed to a bright pink on me, it changed colour quite quickly but the impressive factor here is longevity. This lasts! I was actually very suprised at how well this held up and didn’t wear off even after eating and drinking. I even left it on whilst washing my face and it stayed put.

The Gallery

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There’s several colours to choose from, I’m looking to get the red next as it changes to a fuchsia bright pink which is right up my street.

I paid £5.99 at Fenwicks but have found a small UK business on-line who stocks them at Ultra Glow Shop



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