3 Lip Products You Should Avoid Right Now

Cutting the stigma and chatting fillers.

Thanks to certain celebrities many people assume lip injections are something that’s relatively new, however lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has been around since the 1900s. Thankfully it’s passed through the many stages to become what it is today, from paraffin to silicone to bovine collagen in the 80s, lip fillers have improved vastly with far safer product being injected and better procedures being performed.

How long filler lasts depends entirely on the person it has been injected into. There’s many factors to determine this but ultimately it’s not actually down to the Dr or product – providing it and them are legit of course (do your homework)  but environment can play a huge part in how long it lasts. Sun, cigarettes, alcohol and fitness can play a huge role in breaking down the filler, so you have your personal lifestyle into consideration.

Now what they don’t talk about are products post injections. Myself and Dr Esho were discussing this and it seems there’s some advice being missed during the aftercare and, if you use these products in particular you are effectively making lips smaller whilst temporarily making them larger. Stick with me…

3 to avoid in particular

  1. Lip plumping glosses – what did you think of the one I mention with the animal ingredient? I was shocked to find it out
  2. Lip pluming lip masks
  3. Lip pluming devices

If you are thinking of lip fillers always do your research, DO NOT just go on price. That’s a big piece of advice. It’s your face, if you can’t afford reputable qualified Dr’s then don’t get it done. There’s a lot of backstreet salons who are not qualified who inject fillers that aren’t authentic FDA approved product which, can lead to infections, lumps, cysts, scarring and more. You need to ask to see the product and there should be a bar code and date of production and use by date on the back. Check their previous work and make sure they’re registered. They should never get irritated if you ask a lot of questions. This is no game, it’s your lips, make sure you research thoroughly!


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