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Kiehls Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Review

Cannabis derived products are everywhere right now. From creams to vitamins and tongue drops.

Having done a little research, this is something I really feel is beneficial for the body inside and out. I’m going to look into this further but for now I’m testing a skincare product – Kiehls Cannabis sativa seed oil herbal concentrate.

It’s inspired by the brands apothecary heritage and traditional use of powerful herbs. There’s a strong comparison between this and another herbal brand but nevertheless Kiehls have developed a beautiful lightweight oil to tackle a number of skin issues.

Acne can be caused by an imbalance of the sebaceous glands, activating the production of too much sebum (oil) leading to painful blockages of the pore. Naturally, those with oily skin tend to stay clear of oils, as there’s a fear of making the skin more oily and overloaded. I get it, on paper it makes sense but technically the skin doesn’t work in this way.

The key to calm skin is balance. If the skin is being stripped daily with aggressive cleansers, exfoliators and toners then it will signal that more oil is needed. Remember our skin is our first line of defence, we have no fur therefore our skin is our source of heat and protection.

It needs to be lubricated to function optimally. Using the right oils will let the skin know, ‘hey, we’re okay for oil at the moment, slow down production’. Allowing it to regulate steadily.

Other skin issues like rosacea bring redness and heat to the skin but can be dry with acne. It’s complex but again there’s in imbalance, it could be linked to what’s going on inside or what you’re using topically. Redness is a sign of inflammation and inflammation damages cells so it’s a vicious chain.

The Kiehls cannabis sativa seed oil is non-comedogenic and calmative, both good news for stressed out and irritated skin.

It contains 13 100%naturally derived ingredients including 60% Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, cold pressed from hemp seeds. These are non-psychoactive incase you’re wondering if using cannabis products will cause psychoactive side effects.

What Kiehls say:

Inspired by Kiehl’s apothecary heritage, our calming facial oil is uniquely formulated for problem skin including skin prone to blemishes, visible blotchiness and discomfort. Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, including Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Green Oregano Oil, this lightweight non-comedogenic facial oil helps calm the feeling of stressed skin.

I have been using it for around 2 weeks now, in between my other skincare and have noticed my skin is healing faster than before. I’m suffering with breakouts on the cheeks and jaw, and previously the red marks were lasting months. However on the fresh blemishes, the skin is healing far quicker and the redness has subsided. Not completely but it has certainly improved so I’m going to continue usage!

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