Lipstick Storage Solution Using Japonesque Palettes

Make-up storage is the bane of so many of our lives, how to make it look neat whilst having it organised and reachable seems like an impossible task at times but I have found palettes are the answer.

Palettes are compact and uniform so it all appears neat and clutter free not to mention professional. Would you rather take a bag full of lipsticks or 1 palette of the shades you need? easy!

It looked like a lipstick massacre and to many I appear to have sinned for chopping up the MAC lipsticks but it’s all in the name of art and convenience. I didn’t want a perfectly neat looking palette like it was manufactured instead I opted for a free-handed painters palette approach, carefree and messy. It reminds me of my oil paints and I find if the colours are laid out in an organised fashion you gain more inspiration to blend and clash.

I have placed the best reds and pinks I have so far into the palette with more to be filled with beige’s, oranges and purples.

The Gallery

The Pinks
From Left to Right

Avon pout, Mac angel, Nyx Fig,
BeautyUk In the buff, MAC fanfare, MYX spellbound,
Sleek pink freeze, Beautyuk passion, MAC impassioned,
MAC Girl about town, Go Pink, Beautyuk innocent
MAC st Germain

The Reds
From Left to Right

Beautyuk naughty, Revlon fire and ice,
Prestige wild flame, Smashbox interview,
U 1016, Dainty Doll 002,
MAC ruby woo, Michael Todd affection,
Beautyuk vampire, NYX cherry,
Academy Dubonnet, Sleek Cherry.

How to place the lipsticks into the palette?

Very easily, I cut a small amount of lipstick from each bullet using a smooth knife and basically squashed and pressed into each well as if it were paints. This means you can still have your favourite lipstick to use for yourself if you wish and also have some for the kit. It also is more hygienic this way too. Just transfer your desired shade onto the mixing section and that shall prevent cross contamination, there’s no excuse for dirty make-up artists. Hygiene is a MUST!

I have more to add but basically this very small light-weight palette saved me carrying 26 individual lipsticks. Hoorah.

Available at here Priced at £22.99 or £39.99 for the larger foundation palette.

Disclaimer – This product was sent on behalf of the PR / company for review. I can assure my readers that I only give honest unbiased reviews on both products bought and sent.

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  • This is great! I saw this on one of lisa eldridges videos too and her lipsticks are pressed into the palette so pristinely, almost like it was a factory made palette! I don’t know how she did it!

  • Violet

    Damn, I’m feeling the lipstick envy right now. Those soft pinks are gorgeous.

  • Venita

    Hi all .. Just got my palette today I wasn’t so happy to tell you the truth . It is so flimsy and it really looks cheap . How do I know if I got a fake one ? Thanks


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