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Is The Bleach London Reincarnation Mask Worth The Hype?

After seeing how highly this product was rated I decided to put it to the test. Being a bleach blonde means my hair is damaged and stripped within an inch of it’s life. Thankfully I don’t have much visible damage however it is dry and in dire need of some nourishment.

bleach london reincarnation mask
Feeding from within is naturally the best way to healthy hair, skin and nails, so I apply this to my diet however the appearance and condition of the hair once coloured is something that needs attention using products.

For £6 there’s a hefty 200ml worth of conditioner in a malleable foil tube. Its recommended to apply to shampooed hair and leave for 10-20 minutes in a towel. With many containers hair feels immediately smooth after applying but this didn’t have the same effect. It was easy to detangle when wet but it didn’t feel silky to touch, I left the hair to dry naturally and it remained knot free, bonus, but once air dried it lacked the condition I expected.

bleach london reincarnation mask

I’ve found it feels a little dry in texture however it does look in better form and has shine. I also noticed there’s no split ends so perhaps it’s temporarily sealed the cuticle?

For the price it is value for money, It has 5 star reviews from a good number of customers so it must be working for a lot out there. I would award it a 3 star, my hair has felt better from cheaper products but cost per ml it’s a reasonable purchase and does improve the look of the hair.

Purchase from Boots in store or on-line


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  • Fab (and honest) review – If you find a conditioner/mask for dried hair let me know! I use a kerastase mask at the moment but it costs a fortune!

    • Thank you 😉 oh gosh me too, the green one, it’s a bomb! I was very impressed by a one I found for £1 in B&M bargains I have a blog post on it somewhere but can’t remember its name. It was a big bottle too

  • Isn’t the reincarnation mask a pre-shampoo job tho? Perhaps why it didn’t work so well? I recommend Philip Kingsley extreme elasticizer. I have thick bleached hair, and it is a genuine saaaaalve. Again, it’s a pre-shampoo, I even leave it on overnight, then rinse, shampoo and condition the next day. And even when it’s wet, it feels good. Smells nice too.

    • Is it?? man I’ve been using it so wrong then. I’ll double check, if not it’s a good idea 🙂

      Thanks so much xx


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