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zoe sugg

Today I’m very pleased to bring you an interview with the immensely popular and hugely inspiring Zoe aka Zoella. She has over 6,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and an army of followers via social media making her one powerful lady! Her beauty videos and challenges bring in views by the millions, often more than national programmes. Her charming personality and relatable chats have made her one of the biggest online superstars and a successful business woman!

Zoe has created an impressive portfolio thus far of brands and celebrities she has worked with but last night celebrated the launch of her own beauty line and BeautySauce wanted to chat to her about it…

C – Are you excited for the launch? we can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

Zoe – I am SO excited! I’ve been working on this and keeping it secret for a year so I can’t wait to finally share it with everyone!

C – Can you tell us what we’ll find in your new collection?

Zoe – It’s a bath and body collection, featuring a bath soak/shower creme, body lotion, fragranced candle, fragranced body mist, fizz bar bath fizzers, and two makeup bags!

C – How did it come about?

Zoe – Having a bit of ‘me time’ is really important to me, and my favourite way to do this is to wind down with a bubble bath and a bit of pampering, so when I was offered the opportunity to create my own, you can imagine how excited I was!

C – This is a tough one but what’s your favourite product from the range?

Zoe – It is a tough one! I think my favourite has to be the fizz bar, I love baths and these are so easy to pop in. It’s also shaped like a bar of chocolate, and I’m a huge chocolate lover!

C – What was your inspiration for the packaging? we’ve seen your little sneak peek pic and want to know more!

Zoe – I wanted it to be very ‘me’, and I think the packaging really reflects this. I love pink, polkadots, and loved that they incorporate my absolute favourite rose gold into them too!

C – Was it all a fun process?

Zoe – It was such an amazing process! I was involved throughout and so It was so much fun to see them develop from ideas into the products that they are now!

C – Can you give us any exclusive information ahead of the launch?

Zoe – You’ll just have to wait and see!

C – So when can we buy it and where will it be available?

Zoe – It’s available online on the 25th of September on Superdrug and Feel Unique, and in stores exclusively at Superdrug from Monday 29th September.

C – What does the future hold for you and future products? more we hope! 

Zoe – I’m releasing my first book, Girl Online in November, which is so exciting! Other than that, I’m not sure, but excited to see what the future holds…


I’m so sad I couldn’t get to the launch, I’m sure you would have seen on instagram how amazing the decor was with the sweet treats and balloons.

Here’s a look at the products available NOW!









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