Inside My Kit: Storing Pigments

I asked you guys if you were interested in posts on my kit and everyone said YES! Kit transportation and storage is personal to each artist as we all have our own way of keeping organised and more importantly minimising our entire collection which is probably more difficult than carrying the kit itself.

Some artists have a large weekender style bag, some trolleys, others posh make-up cases and me a suitcase. To be fair I know a lot of artists use suitcases so it’s not a case of being Mrs Trampison but rather a mix of convienence, ease and cost. I will show my case another time but today I am showing you how I store and pack my pigments. I’m not a huge pigment user however there’s been times when “a natural shoot” was planned then changed to something more dramatic so if you’re not prepared you will be up that creek with no paddle and crying in the corner…just saying.

Now carrying around 65 pigments and 20 glitters doesn’t seem too bad but when you have all your base products, skincare, palettes etc to pack too this is a pain in the arse. To be the ultimate space saver I purchased lots of MAC pigments as small samples which may only be a teaspoon or two but have lasted donkeys. I place my Barry M and MAC pigments in clear square cases and larger containers and glitters in small sozall boxes. These are tough plastic so protect the products and can be stacked alongside each other in the case.

See the Gallery below


You can purchase the clear bags in most pharmacies like Superdrug and Boots. The clear boxes are sandwich boxes really so can be bought at the £ shop.

I would definitely recommend taking smaller pots and decanting large pigment containers. If you can get hold of them those round stackable pots are great. Cases are heavy enough without carrying more than you need!

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  • Ahh.. I would love to have a collection like yours! I like how you store your pigments, you can easily find any color

  • That’s a neat idea, get small plastic pots and see through plastic containers for best visibility. Saves a lot of time with a quick scan of an eye to get the pigment you want, doesn’t it? I’m collecting mineral makeup at the moment. So great tips, Carly. Thanks!


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