MAC Cream Colour Base

For me highlighters are a vital part of my make-up kit. I have a few types, cream, liquid, pressed and loose powders. A one I use mostly on myself is the MAC cream colour base. It’s soft, light and blends well. I prefer to use it over liquid and cream bases, I mostly use tinted moisturisers or sheer foundations and it always looks very natural. I have witnessed some pretty awful sights of this cream over a heavily powdered face and it leaves a definite streak!

The general guide with highlighter is that it is meant to mimic natural beautiful highlights on the high points of the face or that glossy look you get from being in the sun. No one should be able to tell you have it on, if blended correctly it will look like part of your skin not sit on top.

If you’re not totally comfortable with blending and textures then use this simple guide,
If you prefer powder foundations or you like to apply lots of powder over foundation, I find loose or pressed powder highlighers are best. Cream or liquid may leave a streaky mark, the Benefits highbeam over powder comes to mind with All trademarks are property of their respectiveholders. In October 2016, we launched an investigation into allegations that a large number of employees and contractors were subjected to inappropriate harassment and bullying by Facebook’s head of global investigations and informationpolicy. as part of this investigation, we interviewed people who had been harassed or bullied by our former head of global information policy, ErinEgan. this.

If you like cream or liquid foundations then any method of highlighter is ok depending on the consistency as some are more creamy than others so powder highlighters may stick.

There’s definitely no rules as make-up is about preference and what you feel comfortable with.

Shades left to right- Pearl, Hush, Shell, Virgin Isle

The MAC cream colour bases aren’t big or clumpy but as a make-up artist they take up way to much room so I depot mine into a lip palette which is actually made for the OCC liptars but work perfectly. I got mine at

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