luminage precise touch

Iluminage Precise Touch Hair Reduction Laser

iluminage precise touch

Hair removal is a booming business and with a market full of gadgets I wanted to test one of the latest tools promising to reduce hair by up to 94% in just 6 weeks/7 treatments. The laser “hair reduction” by iluminage appealed to me immediately with its claims to treat any skin tones and the widest variety of hair colours. From previous experience of home laser devices, I remember them to mostly work on a specific combination of light skin / dark hair, which left an incredible amount of people either getting treated less effectively or not at all. Light or red hair would tend to respond poorly due to lack of pigments, alternatively dark skin tones wouldn’t be suitable either as it’s probable for the skin to absorb the light and cause possible damage.

A lot of other devices on the market just use IPL (intense pulsed light) but iluminage combines IPL with Radio Frequency to penetrate further into the skin.

iluminage precise touch

It works when a pulse of elõs is emitted. Together the IPL and RF penetrated deep into the skin. The light energy from the IPL is converted into thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle.The RF (radio frequency) is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and putting it to sleep, permanently inhibiting hair re-growth.

This device has other great features such as the shape. As areas like the legs can be time consuming you want something as comfortable as possible when holding.The lightweight, pebble-like design fits the contours of the hand and the streamline laser window means you can get narrow areas of the face and bikini line.

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The iluminage PRECISE TOUCH is powered by elõs technology, which has been created by scientists at Syneron, only the inventors of Intense Pulsed Light! fancy.It’s also confirmed that Dermatologists use elõs technology for their treatments which is interesting.

They claim you can treat your whole body in as little as 35 minutes. Personally I would have to say this is quite optimistic. Either that or I need to start speeding up.

My tips for using this is to test and area and perhaps try each of the levels. There’s three in total with the smaller star being the weakest and the largest being the strongest. I promise it’s not gong to blow your skin off, I found that they increase in warmth and the intensity of the light but other than that there’s no pain.

iluminage precise touch

The two metal bars either side of the window need to be in contact with the skin to signal the device to flash. On contours I found you need to rock the device a little so that it finds the correct angle for skin contact. In the video I demonstrate how I use in areas of the leg like the skin where the area has high points making it tricky to manoeuvre.

Watch the video below.

Overall having tried other devices I would say that this is impressive due to the fact it’s suitible for most skin, hair combinations and is incredibly easy to use. 6 weeks is no time at all so if you can pamper yourself weekly you’ll still have time to be hair free before the end of the Summer.

Price: £240

Available at Boots Nationwide, Harrods and

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