how to wear bright eyeliners

How To Wear Bright Eyeliners


Looking to add some colour to your eye makeup but don’t want to look like an artists palette?

try a double liner using a bright shade above your usual liner. It will give just enough pop of colour without the need for lots of meticulous blending which is a requirement with brighter products. The medium of the liner is up to you and your comfort level, be it gel eyeliners, pencils, liquids or even eye shadows – just wet the brush or use a sealing gel!

For this look I used the new Daniel Sandler waterproof liner in Aqua Velvet*. I found the steps below easiest for me

  1. To a primed or corrected eye apply the black liner. I used Collection liquid liner, this gives me a guide for the bold colour!
  2. Next apply the bright liner above the black, by doing this you won’t go to heavy or high, blend with an angled brush if necessary and don’t worry if you go onto the black liner. That’s the guide line.
  3. Take your black eye liner again and neaten up the black line, get it as sharp as possible. Steady hands at the ready
  4. Curl lashes and apply mascara

daniel sandler eyeliner

I find that because this is quite a bold look it requires a defined brow, fill in to add some weight to the eye area, don’t overkill with hugely over-drawn black brows, keep the look natural but with definition.

François Nars created a blue eyeliner look at Marc Jacobs which inspired me to do this, however he lined the waterline and lower lashline using a similar colour. Try something new, you might like it!

marc jacobs ss14




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