How To Look Refreshed


Heavy nights out, large workloads and other factors can result in looking, well, pretty crap really. If I stay up late, or have been out the night before I pay for it the next day with red tired eyes and a sallow complexion. Although there is not a miracle cure at this time you can cheat the look of a restful sleep with the right products.

Anything too pink can bring attention to those bloodshot eyes so stay neutral and peachy, it will perk the complexion and add some radiance even if you feel like death. The eyes are the biggest giveaway and unless you plan on sitting indoors with sunglasses and a headscarf like some kind of crazy lady you will have to reveal those peepers.

White eyeliners are harsh and seriously dated so forget them, go for a nude or very pale pink. They look more natural in the water line and create the illusion of bigger brighter eyes. For an extra wide-open look take a pearlescent shadow and apply to the inner corners, this will add highlight to those darkened areas.

How To Look Refreshed



Topshop Kohl – White/Gold – A double ended pencil with a matte white on one end and a pearl finish champagne the other, the matte white is great as a base to make other products look more pigmented.

Nars Larger Than Life – Rue Bonaparte – A perfect nude to sit in the waterline and comes with a sharpener in the top.

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour Angel–  A creamy eyeshadow to be used as a highlight or all over the lid,  the peach base will lift dull skin.

Benefit Eye Bright A very pale pink that is not as harsh as a white but lifts enough that it doesn’t look to contrasting against the white of the eye and won’t clash with red eyes due to it’s white base.


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