How To Deal With The Festive Hangover


It’s that time of year again, every weekend is spent seeing family or friends in the run up to Christmas. It seems some one some where is having a party and there’s punch and wine a plenty so the dreaded hangover is inevitable.The thing is as it’s a busy month, December is not the best time to have said hangover. It’s a time waster, a liver knacker a right pain in the arse. So what can you do to keep it at bay or soothe it away should it rear its head the next morning? Here’s some of my steps.

Keep Hydrated

Being dehydrated is the no1 reason for a hangover, alcohol acts like a diuretic which leaves you needing to pee a lot more than normal. The dehydration is what causes the headaches, dry mouth, and the heavy feeling lethargic body.

Drink plenty of water before you go out to keep you hydrated before you even start drinking. Don’t down drink after drink unless you’re Barney Gumble and try drink water in between. (I do this and it works)

So when you get home you’ll either want to crash ASAP or carry on drinking, what ever you decide to do make sure you drink water before you go to bed and take a drink to sip during the night.

The next day you’ll probably feel the effects of the dehydration and will have lost essential salts so introduce them back into the body with coconut water or I’ve found Lucozade Sport sometimes helps.

Eat well

I make sure I eat well before a night on the town, I eat enough so that I won’t feel hungry when I’m out but light enough so that I don’t feel bloated. I also have a banana before I head out as the potassium is important for hydration (like the coconut water)

The next day you’ll either feel the least like eating or want the full carb works. That’ll be the dehydration talking but go easy as greasy food can often upset the stomach, instead go for starchy food.

Choose your drinks wisely

Mixing drinks won’t necessarily get you drunk quicker but it will for sure make you more nauseous later on and will contribute towards that banging headache you’ll wake up with – ouch. If possible avoid the dark coloured drinks like brandy, scotch and dark brown beers as they contain more congeners.

Avoid pill popping

I know it’s common that many people take tablets before they drink and sometimes before they go to bed but I’ve never been comfortable with that, why? well the liver is going ten to the dozen as it is sorting out those vodkas, red wines, whiskys and shots with out the need for asprin or paracetamol.
Also if you’ve drank so much that you can really see straight how will you remember when you last took tablets or god willing take the right amount? scary biz.


Which crack pot in their right mind runs a bath when they’re blind drunk? I’ve had a friend say they fell asleep in the bath after a night out. Yes she got the death stare from me, bloody idiot.


Renew Once you’ve slept off the alcohol and need a little TLC try a calming bath or shower. These detoxifying bath salts by Therapie will relax you and fight against those heart pounding palpitations ( a consequence of fatigue and depressing the central nervous system)

Relax with a magazine and an organic fresh scented candle, try this Neom Refresh candle.

Reboot the system with this supplement drink with green tea and vitamins to aid the immune system and help with focus.