Illamasqua Freak Fragrance

Illamasqua’s mantra has always been to express your inner being without consciousness and restrain. They persuade you in a unknowing way to forgo the ‘norm’ and unleash the true person within.

Adding a brand new string to their creative bow Illamasqua have launched a new scent with a beautiful shaped bottle. Its shape is what Illamasqua equates in my mind. It’s socially awkward but has a strong sense of confidence and self understanding, it’s pretty but not in a ‘normal’ way. It understands and accepts nature and doesn’t need approval to gain happiness. It’s sensual and artist qualities allows a different view on life. Maybe I’m thinking to deep or maybe it’s how the brand naturally projects in my mind?

The Gallery

I love Alex Box’s (Creative Director) poem to describe the scent.

“Freak is you, freak is me, freak is her, freak is he, freak’s who you are and want to be,
freak’s the door, freak’s the key, freak is out, freak is free. The freak’s will inherit the earth.”


What’s in the bottle?

Top Notes
Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna bewitch the senses into uncontrollable lust and passion.

Heart Notes
Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom, caress and kiss.

Base Notes
Aromas of Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh, addictively mesmerises and captures the senses.

The rich and daringly provocative opening notes of Black Davana cast a magical spell of desire across the
senses to celebrate the night. This compelling burnt orange bloom base is highly prized the world over for its
ability to enhance the wearer’s natural perfume. The subtle mustiness of Poison Hemlock haunts the
background tone of Freak, adding alluring depths of mystery.

Datura, the Moonflower, an intoxicating scent that has long been used as a heady aphrodisiac.

The exquisitely rare Queen of the Night blooms fleetingly for a single night each year, and completes this
daringly provocative concoction with its warm, soft floral scent touched with sweetness.

With the help of Master Perfumer, Azzi Glasser, Illamasqua has created a powerfully
addictive potion.

“Working with Illamasqua, I’ve had the opportunity to break all creative boundaries, and to create a truly
wonderful magical potion. The unique and potent ingredients leave a truly unforgettable trail and that
mesmerise the senses.”

Freak is encased in a beautifully ornate art deco-inspired bottle, tilted to one side, as though confirming to the
dictates of an alternative reality. Its smoked glass dances in the light and features a delicate silver snail and its
trail, symbolising an addictive passionate path of desire that is both distinctive and unusually provocative.

Price-75ml EDP £59

Stockists– Available for pre-order at WWW.ILLAMASQUA.COM from 3rd October and launching 20th October. Visit WWW.ILLAMASQUA.COM for more stockists.

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